Staff & Manpower

Staff & Manpower

Our Employees are Our Most Valuable Asset...

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At Al Khayarin Group, we acknowledge and reward the strengths and work delivered by our employees.Our organization is run by a professional, dynamic workforce of more than 1,000 multinational employees.Al Khayarin Group has a fully integrated team at our head office, project sites, PMV facilities and workshops comprising of numerous departments that work together efficiently to ensure the smooth flow of operation, thus delivering optimum services to all of our clients and partners.

Onsite, we have highly experienced staff that manage and analyze all project works including civil, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation works. We adhere to the highest standards of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) and occupational safety standards to ascertain that our workforce is fully protected at all times. JE implements appropriate measures to ensure that accidents are avoided and work-related hazards are constantly assessed. We provide our staff with a complete safety uniform and actively involve employees to learn about healthy and safe working conditions. Furthermore, we have attained numerous qualifications for our practices including ISO 9001:

The primary philosophy of Al Khayarin Group is to ensure that it achieves maximum efficiency through the best use of staff, manpower and resources. Working smart has always been of prime importance within the organization.

Professional Staff
Operations Manager
Sr. Project Manger
Project Manager 
Construction Manager
Finance Manager
Admin Manager 
Internal Auditor
Site Engineer 
Quantity Surveyor
Quality Control Engineer
Safety Engineers
Safety Supervisors
Security Supervisors / Officers
Software Engineer
Store Keeper 
Time Keeper 
Skilled Worker/ Labour 
Steel Fixer
Skilled Labor 
Semi-skilled Workers
Crane Operator
Hoist operator
Shovel Operator 
Poclain Operator
General Technicians 
General Mechanics

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205 Nos.
153 Nos.
105 Nos. 
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132 Nos.
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