Equipments & Fleets

Equipments & Fleet



Tower Cranes 
Generators ranging 50KVA - 570 KVA 
Generators below 50KVA
Concrete Mixer
Air Compressors 
Bar Bending Machine 
Steel Cutting Machine 
Water Pumps 
Telescopic Handlers
Skid Rollers
Total Station
Heavy & Light Vehicles
Trailer with bed
Water Tanker
Portacabin Office 


3 nos.
6 nos.
4 nos.
12 nos.
15 nos.
8 Nos.
12 nos.
12 nos.
15 nos.
6 nos.
5 nos.
11 nos.
3 Nos.
8 Nos.
3 Nos.
38 Nos.
1 No.
3 nos.
2,000 M2.
15,000 M2


Al Khayarin Group has the largest fleet of equipment in Qatar in order to execute numerous high-capacity projects efficiently to manage with the escalating demand in the construction industry.Our fleet of equipment exceeds 100 pieces and includes heavy earthworks machinery, building construction machinery, high performance pumping machinery, specified-task equipment and several smaller scale machinery and vehicles. Al Khayarin Group invests in state-of-the-art machinery to facilitate the seamless execution of projects. We also ensure the constant service and maintenance of our existing machinery which is performed by specialist technicians. Our equipment is purchased from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and we use original parts purchased from official retailers and distrtors.

The company has a wide range of state-of-the-art machinery, tools and equipment capable enough to cater the construction requirements. Following is the list of major equipment and machinery available with the Group.