Vision & Mission

Our Vision
KG's aims to become a major player in State of Qatar for tomorrows business opportunities, harmonizing innovative and progressive technology with its experience, excellence and high-caliber work.
Our Mission
Al-Khayarin Group of Companies - operating in versatile sectors such as construction, manufacturing, interior decor, electrical trading and travel related services -committed to serve its customers through expertise and excellence besides highest level of satisfaction, providing the most appropriate and desired services, with the best quality, without overlooking ethical values the company relies on Vision
Vision & Values
Every building we construct continues to influence work of our customers and reputation of our company long after we left the work site. As such our focus is to deliver on every commitment we make and, no matter where our work takes us, we apply the same set of long-held values.

Excellence. Our standards are high and we thrive on challenge.
. Uncompromising integrity, honesty, and fairness are evident in all our engagements.
Mutual Respect. Openness, teamwork, and trust allow diverse backgrounds, cultures, and ideas to create richer results.
Safety: We aim for zero accidents.
Sustainability: We build for the future; ensuring that projects enhance work of our clients, economy of the community, and reputation of our company.
Return on Investment: We deliver the highest quality, thus earning a good reward for clients’ investment.

Our Focus
The major stakeholder in KG Group of Companies i.e. Al-Khayarin Group Trading & Contracting is constantly seeking ways to deliver the projects that are ‘masterpieces’ whether it’s a high-rise commercial tower, buildings or world renowned showrooms. It is fully capable to achieve its goals by applying professional and management acumen as well as unwavering focus on targets. The Group focuses on providing fast-track construction to more and more satisfied clients through structurally strong buildings, thus saving clients their precious time and money. Similarly, for other KG Group subsidiaries as well, the focus has always been on quality, deadlines and economy.
The success story of KG Group is based on professional approach and well integrated management system, duly supported by qualified staff which has led the company to become market leaders within a short span of time. The group is continuously expanding its customer base in the construction sector through satisfactory services.
With the Blessings of Almighty Allah and management’s commitment, dedication and enthusiasm as well as professionalism, KG Group keenly looks forward to meet the challenges of the new era and succeed in its motto of “reliability”, “exceptional work values” and “quality services”.